Kyle Rose

Cartoonist, writer, Illustrator


The Working Stiff

Ongoing Webcomic

The Working Stiff is my on-going webcomic that follows the life of Zach, a zombie who has an office job, because β€œeven the dead have to make a living.”

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Emanata: A Comic Anthology

 Emanata 1: Inevitable Endings

Emanata 1: Inevitable Endings

 Emanata 2: Relationships

Emanata 2: Relationships

 Emanata 3: Self-Perception

Emanata 3: Self-Perception

 Emanata 4: Advanced Technology

Emanata 4: Advanced Technology

Series Co-Editor, Contributor

Emanata is a biannual comic anthology featuring a collection of independent cartoonists. Each issue is made up of self-contained stories connected by a common theme. In addition to contributing to each issue, I also serve as series co-editor with Felix Quinonez Jr.

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Misc. Comics and Zines


Zombie Zine

As the creator of The Working Stiff, I draw a lot of zombies doing very unzombie-like things. So every year, when #Inktober rolls around it only makes sense that I draw more zombies doing more unzombie-like things. After the last couple years, I have build up a modest collection of comics, illustrations and character designs based on the official inktober prompt list. Presented here are the best pieces from that collection in no particular order.


Show and Tell

"Show and Tell" is a limited edition comic I published to promote my work. It features a collection of stories originally published in Emanata as well as a sample of The Working Stiff. It's currently out of print, but you can read the comic in its entirety by clicking the link below.
Stories Included: "The Cover Up," "Always Connected" and "His Own Worse Enemy." 


Composed Comics #1

For the past several year's I've carried around a comic journal, where I've documented both exciting and mundane moments in my life as cartoons. I used to publish these online as a webcomic but have since stopped. Composed Comics #1 is the forthcoming collection of selections from my comic journal. This will be the first in a series of such collections. Until This is available you can read past journal comics at the link below.